1. david 25 Dec 2018 | reply

    No comments yet!

  2. cl 4 Jan 2019 | reply

    It’s a bit sad watching you shred them as someone got a lot of inspiration from your previous posts. 🙁

    Why and what’s next?

  3. Bruce 18 Jan 2019 | reply

    Yeah what’s going on here man? I’ recently got hooked on this sport a few months ago and have done quite a bit of reading over the past month or two on your blog and was able to garner tons of knowledge of what’s to come, plenty of tips, and even some of the behind the scenes dirt that I had been dying to figure out. I’m assuming these videos have to do with some of the downfalls that these large corporations and associations have created within the sport?

    Well even if we don’t hear from you any more just know that all your hard work is not just laying at the wayside, I know there are others like me out there discovering your content and using it to their advantage!

    Thanks man!

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