November 19

Open for Business

Hannah and I have arrived in Zephyrhills, Florida, and are open for business !  We will be spending this winter doing various things around the state, and plan to make Z-hills our base.  I am planning to work on this blog, achieve tandem examiner, etc.  Hannah wants to keep jumping, get on big ways, and finish up here FAA rigger.  She also is going to lead me through paper work that I have been putting aside for too long !!


It is our skydiving intention to: assist with skydive ratings courses, set up this traveling courses and a spring traveling course tour, build our knowledge of instructional techniques, solidify our canopy piloting skills, participate in big ways, explore the inventive Florida rigging scene, and maybe even find skydiving staff jobs !

So far we have been to: Deland, Skydive Tampa, Florida Skydiving Center (Lake Whales), and Jump Florida, in addition to Z-hills.


It’s so easy to be here at Z-hills with our friends.  This is Hannah’s third time here, and my third season. Both of us wonder if it would be good to move to Deland, or maybe even Tampa.  Days like today, cloudy and dreary, leave us a little unmotivated to be here.  But thinking back to past years, November has always been a little slow, community-wise.


This year I am determined to go swamp boating, and to check out the powered paragliding school down at Pine Island.  Hannah and I are both passionate about flying, as well. We want to fly 172’s together.  I had the experience of sitting in copilot seat with her in a little plane in a little hangar at the Lexington Airport in North Carolina.  The rush of feelings I felt was hard to describe.  I can’t wait until we’re flying solo together, across the country, to various drop zones to run courses and do other helpful work !

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