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You Need To Do 10 Hours


Let’s jump right into this. If you are starting from Level 1 Flier proficiency and want to get to head down in the wind tunnel (with the goal of having competence in the sky,) you are going to be looking at doing 10 hours of tunnel time. The road to head down is an odyssey, and is incredibly fun, (and at times frustrating,) along the way.

The cheapest rate you are going to get is 650 an hour, if you go in on a 50 hour deal with your friends, and coaching is 200 an hour. So the cheapest you will be getting this at is $8,500.

My special tunnel time rate with coaching built in is $1040/hour with no big buy in, but I do offer 10% off coaching if 10 hours are committed to. So if having a reservation is important to you, budget $10,400.

You might tell me you are different and you might be right! These estimates are for someone who has no background in body flight. Can we hack the system to personalize it and get better results? Yes. But typically this is what you should expect to invest.

How do I know this? I watched four fliers fly for an hour a day for two weeks in a row (with weekends off) go through the process as directly as possible. I’ve also taken a client from basic belly fly all the way to head down sign off.

One word about these numbers: Yes they are intimidating. What you get for this is world class skills. I have been surprised to meet record holding freeflyers and realize that I was better than they were in many aspects of flying. This foundation will set you up to start attending record events, etc. Also, compared to the $8,500 people drop on brand new equipment these days, 10k for world class skills is something that will actually set you apart vs having a shiny new vector.

Without further delay I will break down 10 hours of coaching for you.

–Basic Foundations–

Basic Backfly — 45 minutes (0:45 total)

Intermediate Backfly — 1 hour (1:45 total)

Basic Over the Feet Transitions — 30 minutes (2:15 total)

Intermediate Over the Feet Transitions — 30 minutes (2:45 total)

Note: At this point we have enough of a foundation to go in a variety of directions. Here is my preferred path to head down..

–Advanced Backfly–

Basic Sitfly — 45 minutes (3:30 total)

Head Down Daffy (Net) Introduction/Head to Back Transition — 30 minutes (4:00 total)

Basic Inface Backfly Carving — 30 minutes (4:30 total)

Bridge Backflying — 15 minutes (4:45 total)

Feet High Low Speed Backfly introduction — 15 minutes (5:00 total)

–Low Speed Skills–

Beginner Layouts — 30 minutes (5:30 total)

Basic Belly Carving — 15 minutes (5:45 total)

Head Down Net Stalls and Burble Drills — 15 minutes (6:00 total)

–Head Down, Etc–

Basic Daffy Liftoff (Hands on) — 30 minutes (6:30 total)

Intermediate Layouts — 30 minutes (7:00 total)

Intermediate Low Windspeed Back Carving — 45 minutes (7:45 total)

Daffy Directional Control (Hands On) — 30 minutes (8:15 total)

Back Carve/Layout Combination Chaining: 15 minutes (8:30 total)

Daffy Liftoff with Less Assistance: 30 minutes (9:00 total)

–The Last Hour–

Finishing touches: 60 minutes (10:00 total)

These finishing touches can range from sit to head backflips with a good client, to advancing the low windspeed carving transitions, intermediate belly carving introduction, more Daffy liftoff practice, or learning the Shelf Technique.

Other options along the way:

Split time with other fliers (Especially recommended after intermediate Backfly and basic Sitfly)

Advanced Sitfly (carving in the stag position would be most useful)

Basic Dynamic Lines (any orientation)

Note: Clients often start off wanting to get to head down quickly but with a foundation. Along the way they will be having so much fun that they want to put attention elsewhere. Sit fly Formations, Sit Carving, etc. are all directions where a person could spend 10 hours alone. The goals must be revisited before spending too much time going down a specific path.

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