Jul 22

Windgod.com Tunnel Rate


NOTE: I no longer can provide this rate since I do not work at the tunnel anymore. I can get you a reference if you are interested in getting this rate. In my experience, there were too many restrictions to make it a viable option, but you may be interested in working with a current iFly Instructor if you really need to stretch your budget. The time is limited to not only bulk time agreements, but also their off the clock availability.

I am so pleased to bring to everyone my special tunnel rate for iFly Loudoun.


-Bookable block (no need to worry about getting bumped)
-Includes Coaching (with me!)
-Better value than typical block time ($975/hr + Coaching)
-Bookable in 5, 10, 15, 30, or hour sessions
-iFly or 4k video available (bring your thumb drive)

$95/ 5 minutes ($19.00 per minute)
$175/ 10 minutes ($17.50 per minute)
$260/ 15 minutes ($17.33 per minute)
$520/ 30 minutes ($17.33 per minute)
$1040/ 60 minutes ($17.33 per minute)

$5100/ 5 hours ($17.00 per minute)

Steps to book:

1) Contact me about scheduling
2) Call iFly and confirm time availability
3) Place money on David Wingard’s account and make reservation

Booking Availability

Restrictions are in place to make iFly available for first time flyers during popular hours.

These are the same as if you had a block account:
Monday – Thursday: No restrictions
Friday: Restricted 3pm-10pm
Saturday: 1/2 hours available at noon, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30pm. Unrestricted before 9AM and after 10PM
Sunday: 1/2 hours available at noon, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30pm. Unrestricted before 9AM and after 8PM

Full Disclosure: You can save more money with a standby account or as part of a 20 hour+ bulk account, but you either deal with non-bookable time or a large upfront investment. I don’t make any commission off my tunnel rate, it is simply to get you bookable block time prices without having to invest. It also makes me look good to my boss, which of course I appreciate.

Want to fly at another tunnel? Let’s talk and see if I can match this rate for you.

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