Aug 2

Pro Flier Sign Off


Today I finally finished out my logbook online at making me an Official IBA Pro Flier.

Pro Flier Screenshot

I’ve had this skillset for over a year, obviously, but as the IBA lacks measurable standards, this has unfortunately been an exercise in subjectivity. I’m glad to finally have it in the bank, though. Pro flier is a title that costs a lot of money and it’s nice to finally be recognized.

Once you reach this skill set, the next step is to master your technique and look forward towards tunnel flying competitions or skydiving records. That’s what I love about skydiving — the sport still has depth to it eight years in.

Special thanks to my local Trainer Level 4, Ricardo Del Castillo, for signing off on this long term goal.

You can check out my IBA logbook here.

  1. Dania 14 Sep 2016 | reply

    I’m late to the party since you did this awhile ago but congratulations! It’s quite an accomplishment. I enjoyed looking at your logbook. Awesome!

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